ITAD Services

At TrustNet Technologies, we are here to help businesses dispose of their old IT Assets and other electronics.

Our ITAD services consist of:

  • Logistics
  • De-Install
  • Data Erasure (Data wiping, shredding, onsite and offsite)
  • Asset Processing and Tracking
  • Value Recovery (Refurbish, Repurpose, Remarket)
  • Recycle
  • Chain of Custody (Reporting, Certificates of Destruction, Risk Mitigation)

What is ESG/E-Waste

ESG’s three focus areas are environmental, social and corporate governance. Environmental criteria relate to how well a company performs with respect to their environmental impact. Social criteria focuses on how a company manages relationships with employees, customers and the communities within which it operates. Finally, governance refers to a company’s leadership, executive pay and shareholder rights

Our certified ESG program includes all of our core ITAD services including onsite pickups, onsite data protection, and remote device collection.

Proper recycling might be the most obvious way ITAD helps organizations achieve ESG goals. Electronic waste contains toxic materials that are harmful to our health and environment, yet the world produces as much as 50 million tons of electronic waste per year, according to the United Nations. Organizations can do their part by ensuring all truly end-of-life technology is disassembled down to plastic, steel, aluminum, circuit boards, wire, power supplies, etc. From this point, raw materials can be distributed to other manufacturing facilities that will reprocess those materials into new finished goods.


Recycling electronics waste, or “e-waste,” can help conserve our natural resources and avoid creating more greenhouse gas emissions.

E-waste is the fastest-growing solid-waste stream in the world, but less than 25% of all electronic waste is recycled in the United States; the rest is incinerated or goes to landfills. Electronics are made up of valuable materials, such as metals, glass, and plastics—all of which take energy to mine and manufacture. They can also contain materials that are harmful to the environment, like mercury and beryllium.

At TrustNet Technologies we believe our success is integrally linked to human health and our planet’s ecosystem. We do this by:

We understand the importance of protecting your privacy, brand, intellectual property and data.

We aim to minimize the use of scarce and valuable materials to preserve the natural environment, and in turn preserve the well-being of humans.

We know that providing economic value recovery for customers within a diverse and sustainable workplace is of great importance.

ESG Reporting

The terms ESG, sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) often are used interchangeably. The disclosures are broken up into three categories:

  1. Environmental: includes issues focused on climate risks, carbon emissions, energy efficiency, use of natural resources, pollution and biodiversity
  2. Social: includes issues focused on human capital, labor regulations, diversity, DEI, safety, human rights and community involvement
  3. Governance: includes issues focused on board diversity, corruption and bribery, business ethics, compensation policies and general risk tolerance

These factors help identify emerging opportunities to manage long-term investment risks. Robust sustainability and ESG strategies help improve overall company performance.

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