Benefits of Third Party Maintenance

Cost Savings

Utilizing third-party maintenance provides significant cost savings compared to major OEM’s. In most cases, TPM contracts can range from 40-60% less than traditional OEM support contracts.

Flexible SLA’s

TPM providers often have a global network of certified engineers who can provide same-day or next-business-day (NBD) onsite support. TPM providers also offer a diverse set of Support Level Agreements (SLAs) that can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Asset Lifecycle Extension

OEM support costs rise after the initial 3-year service agreements as parts are no longer readily available. TPM providers have access to spare parts which can lengthen the lifecycle of your asset thus saving precious capital for other critical projects.

Multi-Vendor Coverage:

TPM providers are agnostic, thus able to provide maintenance for multiple manufacturers under one support agreement.

Co-Terminus Contracts

Multiple support contracts for every OEM can become a nightmare to manage for any IT and Procurement team. To add a layer of convenience, TrustNet Technologies can provide contracts as short as 1 month across any OEM we support should the need arise. The long-term goal would be to have all assets under one contract that can be renewed on one date for reach support period to simply the management aspect of maintenance.

Understanding When To Use Third-Party Maintenance

  • Assets have reached End of Service Life: OEM’s discontinue support options for devices not under long-term extended service contracts. Alternatively, clients can renew short-term contracts but those are often short-lived. A proposal for upgraded hardware infrastructure will soon follow, thus making TPM an attractive option to stay within budget.
  • OEM Support Costs Have Risen: Due to the fact that parts are not readily available, and manufacturers must purchase from TPM providers, costs for support typically rise as the devices age. TPM providers can offer significant savings on your aging infrastructure as parts are stocked and engineers are on staff.
  • Cloud Migrations: Enterprise organizations cannot simply flip a switch and discontinue on-premise infrastructure and migrate directly to a cloud environment. The ability to utilize TPM’s for support enable clients to extend the lifecycle and support of current infrastructure at reduced costs, thus freeing up capital to invest into lengthy cloud migration plans.

Multi Vendor Support

TrustNet Technologies provides certified engineers across a variety of OEM hardware providers. Whether it is Cisco, HP, IBM, Netapp, or Dell, we have unwavering commitment to providing around the clock support options for our clients no matter the platform.

Why Choose Third-Party Support?

  • IT Asset Management: A single pane of glass to manage all devices, all contracts, and all trouble ticket activity for each organization.
  • Cost-Friendly: Save up to 60% or more on maintenance and support services in relation to OEM pricing models.
  • Efficient & Effective Support: Our trained and certified engineers are available around-the-clock to address all your support needs.
  • Extend Lifecycle of Aging Assets: Third party support can provide years of additional lifespan for IT infrastructure which ensures performance is maintained and a better ROI is achieved.
  • Rapid Response Time: our engineers are available 24 x 7 to ensure swift action to service-related issues.
  • Transparent Pricing Structure: Our prices will never rise for the life of your contract.
  • Customized SLA Agreements: Choose from various support levels for all devices on a single contract.
  • Certified Engineering Resources: our team has you covered no matter the make, model, or age of your device-a certified engineer is always available to address client needs.

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