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As a cloud agnostic cloud consulting firm, our proactive approach to disaster recovery will give you a peace of mind. Developing a cloud-based strategy will afford you the opportunity to accelerate recovery times without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site. Plus, cloud providers in general, support many disaster recovery architectures, including those built for smaller workloads and enterprise solutions that enable rapid failover at scale. With TrustNet Technologies, your company can scale its infrastructure on-demand, with a consumption- based model. Get access to a fast, highly secure infrastructure and the ability to quickly change and optimize resources during a disaster recovery event.

The rapid recovery of IT systems can be depicted within 4 disaster recovery scenarios:

1. Backup and Restore – This is the least expensive and simplest of the scenarios. It will back up your data and applications anywhere to the cloud for use during a disaster.

2. Pilot Light- This scenario is an analogy to a gas furnace. If a small flame is lit, it can always create a larger flame. Applying that to the disaster recovery, if you were to replicate part of your IT structure for a limited set of core services so the DR cloud service will take over in the event of a disaster. This way a small part of your structure is always running while other aspects are switched off during testing. Compared to backup and restore, pilot light must have your organizations core elements already configured and running in the cloud.

3. Warm Standby- This scenario is the next step to the pilot light, from an element and preparation standpoint. This term describes a disaster recovery scenario where it is a scaled down version of your organizations fully functional environment in the cloud. In addition, it will decrease recovery time because more services are running on the cloud.

4. Multi-Site- This scenario runs your organizations systems on the cloud as well as your existing on-site infrastructure in and active-active configuration. There are 2 types of methods to apply, Recovery Time Objective or Recovery Point Objective. This will be determined on a case by case basis.

TrustNet Technologies invites you to engage us with a complimentary initial consultation. During this initial meeting, we will define your goals and work to provide you a simplified configuration of your disaster recovery plan. This crucial steppingstone will provide a seamless transition for your organization’s disaster recovery plan.

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