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Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

API enabled, real time CMDB. Over 50 source types including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Chef, Puppet, Ansible Works, New Relic and many more. TrustNet Technologies cross-references data from multiple systems and can pinpoint specific servers that are not monitored, backed up or have reported security vulnerabilities.

Cost Management

From budget limits to chargeback reports we help you to control AWS and other cloud providers costs and find savings. Pivot your costs by application, billing code or any other dimension. Create budget alarms and triggers to initiate approvals for expensive stack launches.

Change Management

Detect sensitive changes and initiate processes in real time.
The change management process will route change requests to the most appropriate queue. Designated approvers can request additional information, reject or approve changes directly via email or from a mobile device.

Backup & Replication

Backup management solution specifically designed for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud environments.
We backup and replicate every data service in All Clouds using AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud native tools such as Snapshots, Data Pipeline, S3, Glacier and Storage Gateway for external archiving.


Unified monitoring platform for tracking health of cloud and non-cloud applications.
By cross referencing data from AWS, Azure, and Google Clouds with data from monitoring providers, TrustNet Technologies will show which servers you are NOT monitoring, and import summary data directly into the CMDB.

Usage Analytics

Get a real-time picture of your AWS, Azure, and Cloud data from a single source. Get the data insights you need to make smarter decisions, and take your organization to the next level.
Use one of the world’s best report builders from force.com to create custom dashboards and view up-to-date information about your AWS, Azure, and Cloud usage.

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