New and Refurbished Hardware

If you choose a new, new surplus or refurbished Data Center Hardware for your on-premise solution, TrustNet Technologies is here as your partner. We offer competitive pricing that can help you extend your IT hardware budget without sacrificing performance. With our fully customized and efficiently designed solutions for your specific environment.

The on-premise model solves the following business needs:

  • Date center single tenancy (for compliance)
  • Highly secure data encryption
  • Customizable hardware that provide purpose-driven systems
  • Complete data visibility and control

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We take a hands-on, human approach to IT. From conventional data center infrastructure and operations to hybrid cloud infrastructure and app development to serverless computing and containerization, our business is built on years of specialized industry experience and a team so talented it rivals that of much larger consultancies. Through our partnerships with world-class, market-leading companies, we deliver best-in-breed solutions that help our customers reach their goals faster. That’s our reputation.

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